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5 tips for selling Vancouver luxury real estate

For over a decade, I’ve been lucky enough to sell Vancouver luxury real estate. In that time, I’ve often been approached for tips about buying and selling real estate.  

So I’ve put together a list of my top 5 tips for buying and selling Vancouver luxury real estate.

The top 5 tips I learned from selling Vancouver luxury real estate

1. It’s always worth waiting for the right offer

A lot of people settle for an offer even if they aren’t satisfied with it. I think that’s because they worry they won’t get another, so they rush to accept. When it comes to Vancouver luxury real estate, though, it’s important not to come from a place of fear. Trust that the right offer is out there – and coming your way. In the long term, that faith – and some patience – will pay off.

2. It’s always worth waiting for the right property

Like with waiting for the right offer, it’s important to wait for the right property when you’re buying. This is going to be your home, so why would you accept anything less than the perfect fit? Have faith that this perfect fit exists, and you will find it. Then put in the time and energy necessary to find you the home of your dreams!

3. Selling luxury real estate is an experience, not a transaction

One of the reasons I love working in Vancouver luxury real estate is that it isn’t a cash and dash process. Instead, it’s a journey – an adventure even. So remember to explore a range of homes, hone in on what you want, and engage with great people – like me – along the way!

4. Putting effort into creating the perfect listing pays off

Think about your home listing like you would a dating profile. If your profile didn’t have a great picture or a compelling write-up, you’re not going to much response – or attract the people you’re hoping for. Same goes for your housing listing. That’s why it’s important to make sure your listing shows off your house and genuinely captures its vibe, allowing the right buyers to fall in love with it.

5. Work with a Realtor you feel connected to

Life’s too short to work with a Realtor you don’t like. Plus, you’ll have better results when you’re working with someone you feel “gets” you, your life, and your style. So find someone you click with before jumping into the Vancouver luxury real estate pool!   

Buying or selling Vancouver luxury real estate can take time and energy, but it can also be rewarding – financially and personally

When you have the right Realtor to help you, buying and selling Vancouver luxury real estate can be an exciting experience. Remember, while it’s important to focus on your goal, enjoy the process of getting there too. There’s no reason you can’t have fun and get results!

Want to know more about how I developed these tips? Read up on me and my Vancouver luxury real estate philosophy!

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