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Marina Says: 3 things that make me different from your average Vancouver real estate agent

There are a lot of Realtors, even in Vancouver real estate. What makes one Realtor stand out over the others? Well, I can’t speak for everyone, but I can tell you what makes me stand out from your other Vancouver real estate agents!

3 reasons I’m different from your average Vancouver real estate agent

1. A background in Public Relations

Most Vancouver real estate agents have a background in business or sales. I took a different path, though, studying Public Relations at Simon Fraser University. This gives me a huge edge in negotiations!

Unlike some Realtors who focus on the deal itself, I focus on the people. Why? Because I know that the people making the deal are key, especially during negotiations. By keeping my focus on the people and what they are looking for, I know the perfect negotiation strategy to use, getting you the best deal possible!

2. In-depth knowledge of the city

Because Vancouver is a major hub, a lot of Realtors moved to the city later in life. But I was born and raised here! I know the city. I know the neighbourhoods. I know the Vancouver real estate market. All this helps me advise my clients – and helps me be the ultimate Vancouver real estate matchmaker!

My experience living in the city and working as a Realtor has made me an expert on the procedures around closing a sale, as well as transferring a property. That allows me to guide you through the process, keeping it as quick and seamless as possible.  

3. Passion!

Some people go into Vancouver real estate as a backup career or as a way to make money while they pursue other paths. But I’m a Realtor because I love it! I don’t just see what I do as a way of paying my bills or even as a job, it’s who I am. The passion I have for Vancouver real estate drives me to do the best work I can every day, for every client. I’m available for my clients 24/7 and am always improving my craft.

While I love my work, my number one passion is for my clients! Unlike some Realtors who will just do the bare minimum, I’m invested. My clients are my family. I fight for them just like I would my relatives. When you work with me, you can always trust that I’m working as hard as I can and in your best interests. Why is that? Because while properties are my expertise, people are my priority!

Ready for a Realtor who stands out – and a standout Realtor? Then it’s time for us to work together! Drop me a line and let’s start your journey with Vancouver real estate!

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