‘Tis the Season to Buy and Sell

Frost in the air, twinkle lights in the trees—it’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas in Vancouver. A lot of people think that real estate doesn’t happen during the holidays, but this is absolutely not true. ‘Tis the season to buy and sell!

While buyers do tend to drop off during the winter months, the serious ones stick around, which is good news for both sellers and people looking to purchase. For buyers, it means decreased competition and more time to find their dream homes. For sellers, it means showings are more likely to lead to a sale. And, it isn’t unusual for listings to sell above asking price during the winter months.

If you’re looking to list your house during the snowy season, it’s important you prepare accordingly, and make sure your house is cold weather ready. Buyers will pay attention to things like heating and insulation no matter the season, but when the winter wind is howling outside, homes that are cozy and warm have even more appeal. Before a showing, turn up the heat, add extra lighting to dark rooms, use throws and pillows to make living spaces feel inviting and make sure to have a snow shovel on hand.

Last year, Vancouver had one of its worst winters yet. And, while temperatures dropped, business continued to boom. I had a home at 2822 E 48th listed for $2,080,000, and the owners were determined to sell it for asking price. Four weeks before the holidays, we scheduled two showings, and I had a good feeling both buyers were ready to compete. Everything was going according to plan when, just hours before the buyers were scheduled to arrive, it dumped snow. The walkway was completely covered, but I wasn’t about to let a little nasty weather get in the way of a potential sale for my sellers. I grabbed my snow shovel and got to work, making sure that, when the buyers arrived, they could walk right up to the door.

My hard work paid off! Both buyers loved the house and, two weeks before Christmas, we went into multiples and sold it for over asking price. It was a very merry Christmas for my sellers, that’s for sure. During the listing period, the house generated a lot of interest, but many of the potential buyers simply weren’t willing to pay asking price. I firmly believed the house was worth every penny my sellers were asking, so I doubled down on my marketing efforts, stuck to my guns, and got my sellers a deal worth celebrating.

Convinced winter is your season to buy or sell? Give me a call, and I’ll dust off my snow shovel.