The 4 types of Vancouver luxury real estate clients I absolutely love working with!

When it comes to my Vancouver luxury real estate clients, I adore each and every one of them. They’re my family! But there are four types of clients who I love the most!  

So who are these 4 Vancouver luxury real estate clients?

1. The Girl Boss

I always see a bit of myself in my Vancouver luxury real estate clients, but I see the most in the girl bosses! These are the women who are confident in themselves, know what they want, and are doing it on their own! What’s great about girl bosses is that, as one of you, I get you. I know you have crazy busy schedules, so I take care of all the legwork to get you the Vancouver luxury real estate of your dreams!

2. The Busy Professional

What’s great about busy professionals is that they lay out what they want and need from day one. They come in with a list of must-haves, which gives me a clear direction. It’s also great to have someone who can make firm decisions in the moment! Again, I get that you busy professionals have tight schedules, so I do all the legwork, making sure you have everything you need without having major demands on your time.

3. The Investor

The investor is also super clear about what they want and need. Working with an investor is fun for me because I get to check out homes I might not otherwise see, assessing what renovations could be made to turn them from diamonds in the rough to polished jewels! I love being able to bring out that side of my creative nature!

4. The Family

There aren’t enough words to describe how much I love working with families. My family is my heart, so I get the importance of having the perfect home! I also understand that, as a family, you need a Vancouver luxury real estate agent who has you and your loved ones’ best interests at heart. Luckily, with me, your family is my family – and I take care of them like it!

My favourite Vancouver luxury real estate client of all though… is you!

What I love most about my job in Vancouver luxury real estate is the chance to connect with people, getting to know their stories and helping them find the property of their dreams. So when you come to work with me, I am 100% invested in you and making sure you get everything you want and need!

So if you’re ready to start working with a Vancouver luxury real estate agent who will love you like family, drop me a line and let’s get started!

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