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Marina Says: What it’s like to grow up in Vancouver

One of the reasons I got into Vancouver luxury real estate was my love of the city. Vancouver is my favourite place on the planet!

But what was it like growing up here? Let me tell you!

Growing up in Vancouver… and how it made me love Vancouver luxury real estate

Flat out, Vancouver is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Who wouldn’t love to grow up surrounded by mountains, water and forests?

Like a lot of local Vancouver families, mine went up to the North Shore mountains on weekends. We would hang out in Whistler, bonding as we strolled through the village in the winter or summer. I’m sure these types of trips contributed to my passion for nature and fitness!

It’s not just nature that’s beautiful in Vancouver. The neighbourhoods are also amazing!

I remember watching as Yaletown transformed from an industrial area into one of the trendiest Vancouver hotspots. While this might sound like a weird thing to pay attention to as a kid, I’ve always loved walking around Vancouver neighbourhoods, learning what makes each one unique.

I guess I was always destined to become a Vancouver luxury real estate agent!

My favourite thing about Vancouver and Vancouver luxury real estate is…

Vancouver and Vancouver luxury real estate are all about people for me! Growing up, I loved the fact that Vancouver has a slower pace of life than cities like New York and Toronto. That pace meant I had a chance to spend time with family and friends.

Like many Vancouverites, I developed friendships and family memories that have lasted me a lifetime.

I also developed a love of people. It’s fascinating to learn about everyone I meet! My passion for people has carried over to my work in Vancouver luxury real estate.

I’m always excited to get to know my clients! What I’m most passionate about, though, is finding my clients the perfect home or home buyer. That’s because my clients are like family to me! And like I would for my family, I work my tail off 24/7 for my clients!

Want to learn more about my approach to Vancouver luxury real estate? Learn why I’m like a matchmaker for you and your dream property! Hoping to move your family to the city, so they can enjoy everything it has to offer? Get in touch so I can match you with your perfect piece of Vancouver luxury real estate!

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