It’s not a transaction; it’s an experience

As an expert in Vancouver luxury real estate, I know how important it is to make buying and selling property an experience rather than a transaction for my clients. There are a few key ways I create that experience. Let me walk you through them…

How I create an experience for my Vancouver luxury real estate clients

1. I get to know my clients

An experience is personal; so, in order to create one, you have to get personal with your clients. When working with my Vancouver luxury real estate clients, I also get to know them as people. We’ll chat, joke, and laugh together right from day one, breaking the ice to make the real estate process comfortable and fun – for my clients and me.

2. I treat my clients like family

Vancouver luxury real estate involves huge sales, which means every client of mine is putting significant trust in me. The reason they do that is because they have confidence in me and my work. Part of the reason for that is that I make myself available to my clients whenever they need me. If they have questions, concerns, ideas, or even just want to chat, I’m there. I also make sure my clients know I’m always on their side. Now, that doesn’t mean I pull my punches or hold back my opinion, but I make sure my clients know that I always have them and their best interests at heart.

3. I help with staging

Staging can be challenging. Clients often don’t know the best ways to show off their Vancouver luxury real estate. Why would they? It’s not their job to know – it’s mine. That’s why I am always there to give my clients advice – and if they want it – help with staging. I provide my clients with all the staging support they need to get their best results.

4. I set up a photographer

Photos can make or break a luxury home listing. As a realtor, you should be on top of the best home photographers in your area and be able to suggest one that is the right fit for each of your clients. I like to go a step further than that, arranging a house shoot for each client to get them the photos they need to best market their Vancouver luxury real estate. This also helps me as it gives me the best possible tools to work with without adding any additional stress to my clients’ lives.  

5. Find the right buyer

When you’re dealing with luxury real estate, it’s not just about finding a buyer, but the right one. You want your clients to get the selling price they’re looking for – and feel comfortable with the person buying their home. It’s important that you approach luxury real estate as though you’re a matchmaker. Do whatever it takes to find the perfect match for your clients’ homes.  

The most important factor in creating experiences for my Vancouver luxury real estate clients…

All the elements I’ve discussed so far are important, but the most important thing I do for my Vancouver luxury real estate clients is be myself. When you’re yourself, you give other people permission to be themselves too, allowing them to relax. Once clients relax, they can embrace the fun and excitement of buying and selling luxury real estate. So give yourself permission to own who you are!

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